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The FYBER Story

We’ve all had them… those moments when you think, “I could do a better job myself.”
That’s how David Raines felt in 2009 when he was working in retail selling carpet. Looking around the showroom, he saw 50 shades of boring and thought, “How much beige and grey can the market stand?”
And that was the trigger that set off the disruptor in him.

Proudly Australian Owned + Luxuriously European Crafted

For centuries, silk has been the crème de la crème of carpet fibres. Its exquisite softness and lustrous appearance have dazzled king, queens, sultans and khans across the globe. The only problem is – once it’s wet, it’s over. There is no known method to restore its former qualities rendering its usefulness and beauty fleeting.

So David started wondering how he could use his background in chemical engineering to create a fibre which mimics silk and disrupt the complacency which had set into the Australian carpet industry. Could he create this new fibre with the magnificent qualities of silk and none of the frailties? Yes, it was a tall order, and naturally, many had tried before him but… could it be done?

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Residential or Commercial; Large or Small, We’ve got you covered


The fibre is SilkNV™ and it luxuriousness needs to be pressed against your cheek to be believed.

Radici is an Italian carpet manufacturing company widely regarded as the Ferrari of the industry. David took SilkNV™ over to their factory in Milan and astonished them with the look and feel of his new creation. Production began shortly after and a serious new disruptive player on the carpet scene was born. The new carpet took its name from the fibre David created… Envy.

David and his business partner, Richard Barker, now own and operate Fyber out of Sydney and service the Asia-Pacific region with Radici carpets, the Fletco range from Denmark and, of course, the 36 colours of the rainbow Envy is famous for.

And with that, gone were the days of beige, beige and more beige.

Welcome to Fyber – A True Disruptor in Carpet

Here, Architects and Interior Designers will find an extensive colour palette to suit their discerning clients’ needs in commercial and residential spaces.

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We don’t sell. We are here to listen and help

At Fyber, we put the client at the heart of everything we do.

Our expert and creative design and sales teams work closely with our clients to oversee the entire process from conception to installation, to
ensure an efficient, satisfying partnership and the most successful outcome both in product and project.

Our carpets are made to a consistent, high quality and standard and we are confident that you will be delighted with your purchase

In the unlikely event that you have a complaint as a result of a manufacturing fault, it is our guarantee that we will rectify or replace the carpet to ensure your total satisfaction.

We strive to create the most enjoyable possible customer experience for our client.


Once you’ve experienced the softness, colour and warmth of our carpets, you’ll never look back.

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