Envy Benefits

By concentrating on the finest molecular structures of our SilkNV™ fibres, we are able to craft our exclusive Envy range to exceed the performance standards of fibres once accepted as superior. Compared to wool and silk products, Envy carpets are softer, more durable and offer greater stain resistance with a high-grade fire-resistant backing.

Innovating for quality

Advanced textile science allied with manufacturing excellence has set the bar higher on luxury, all without compromising durability or environmental safety.

Advanced textile science

Fyber’s flagship Envy line of super-dense luxury carpets is crafted from advanced SilkNV™. A specially engineered yarn, it offers all the benefits of the best natural fibres with none of the natural drawbacks.

Envy vs. Wool carpet

Wool carpets are the traditionalist choice – offering a luxury feel, stain and fire resistance.
Envy carpet far exceed wool for softness plus resistance to stains and wear with the added protection of a special backing which is highly fire resistant.

Envy vs. Silk carpet

Silk carpets offer stunning sheen, colour and softness, yet almost no resistance to staining – especially from liquids.
Envy carpets have been specifically designed to exceed qualities of silk and luxury, softness and lustre, whilst having stain resistant properties.

Envy vs. Nylon carpet

Like nylon, Envy’s SilkNV™ is an engineered fibre. However, it benefits from the latest advancements in offering softness, lustre, luxury and stain resistance.
Nylon carpets have been around for over 70 years. They’re strong and ‘bounce back’ after compression, but they are a rougher texture and can fade in sunlight and stain easily.