Our Envy range is the natural choice for leading interior designers and architects seeking to evoke a distinctive, luxurious style, whilst offering outstanding quality that will stand the test of time. Envy stands as the ultimate in premium, high-end flooring, with delicately crafted fibres that denote a sumptuous influence in any setting.

36 contemporary colours

139 Titanium
119 Icelandic
129 French Grey
189 Smoke
610 Snow
604 Silver Lining
159 Impala
630 Dove
199 Jet
879 Charcoal
146 Sand
864 Everglades
184 Fango
844 Seafoam
102 Blossom
112 Latte
801 Morning Dove
673 Gold
884 Forest
711 Denim
834 Wheat Grass
841 Ocean
818 Lilac
105 Champagne
851 Navy
615 Orchid
825 Candy
835 Blush
845 Cardinal
858 Bloom
133 Clay
173 Stone
183 Eggplant
193 Earth
855 Lipstick
885 Chocolate

Envy Carpets, the ultimate in exclusive flooring. When utter softness meets superb durability, the result is lasting luxury.

Envy’s certifications

  • CE – product adheres to all European Union standards
  • PRODIS (Product Information System) – Affirms the carpet is ethically produced
  • GUT “Carpets tested for a better living environment”
  • Compliant with AS/ISO 9239 for the Australian Building Code

Envy specifications

  • Weight: 1725g/m2
  • Yarn: 100% SilkNV™ – improved resistance to wearing and stains
  • Density: 300000 tufts/m2, 64 fibres per 5-inch section, 299 filaments per fibre – far above industry standards
  • Backing: Ceneva Actionbac – the world’s first carpet backing free from environmentally harmful SBR synthetic latex
  • Suitability: 23 Heavy-duty residential use, 32 medium commercial use


Vogue Living Australia called it ‘an antidote to cookie cutter design’ When a group of highly talented team of designers were engaged to create Sydney’s newest hospitality glitterati, which carpet did they select to put underfoot? Their choice was simple –Envy

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We worked with the talented designers at the Valmont Interiors Design studio to create a fantastic retail space within the Barangaroo vicinity. Our Envy carpet was the perfect choice for creating a high end, luxurious ambience within this retail space.


The key to Envy’s distinctive, luxurious style is the super-high density 5/64 gauge carpet weaving as well as specially engineered fibre SilkNV™ minimising fragility or impracticality whilst providing luster and ultimate softness without all the disadvantages of silk.

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Innovating for quality

Advanced textile science coupled with manufacturing excellence has set the bar higher on luxury, all without compromising durability or environmental safety.

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