Service and quality above all

We offer a complete range of services which are designed and customised to the unique vision of our clientele, across the residential and commercial markets.

This means that we will help you to make an empowered choice and answer any questions around aftercare, or our quality guarantee.

We make it easy

  • Free sampling – We provide swatches of our vast colour banks at your behest, allowing you to form a decision based on a variety of options, from any of our acclaimed ranges.
  • Custom Manufacturing – We have the capability to create singular masterpieces guaranteed to lift any space.  This is the Fyber difference.
  • Commission – We commission specialist carpets from a global network of the world’s most experienced manufacturers, from Turkey to Italy.
  • Importing – Once commissioned, we import your creation and keep it safe until you are ready to install.
  • Warehousing and Delivery – We stock the full range of Envy carpets in our warehouse and we’re ready to deliver any size order across the Asia Pacific.
  • Installers and more – Our contacts in the carpet world include professional suppliers, installers and cleaners across the Asia Pacific which meet our stringent standards.

When you invest in our carpets, you can expect us to deliver a superior product which is practical, beautiful and timeless; enduring quality you will enjoy for years to come.