Choosing the right carpet for residential and commercial interiors is critical. Carpet makes or breaks the overall look and feel a space will evoke.

Selecting the best quality carpet ensures the longevity and functionality of the space while creating a distinctive charm to be enjoyed for decades.

The key to Envy’s distinctive, luxurious style is the super-high density 5/64 gauge carpet weaving process in conjunction with the specially engineered fibre SilkNV™ This cleverly engineered fibre has all of the gloss and luxury of silk while eliminating its fragility and impracticality.

Qualities of SilkNV™

  • Striking, light-catching, pearlescent appearance,
  • Highly stain-resistant making cleaning easier,
  • Appearance and softness of silk,
  • Won’t shed or pile,
  • Retains showroom appearance longer,
  • Greater wear-resistance than traditional fibres,
  • Normal cleaning requirements,
  • Resists UV light damage,
  • Colourfast and easily dyed to any hue.


All SilkNV™ carpets meet or exceed the following:

  • Rated for 1,000-foot traffic/day – suitable for heavy domestic and medium commercial usage
  • Compliant with AS/ISO 9239 Critical Radiant Flux flammability standard
  • TOG ratings ideally matched for under-floor heating use

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